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7 Great Alternative Options To Solo Travelling

2 May, 2022

Some people have the time of their lives solo travelling… but it’s not for everyone.

Maybe you’re concerned about safety or would simply rather share your experiences with other people than be by yourself. There are all sorts of reasons why solo travel might not be your preference.

The downside of not wanting to solo travel is that you’re then relying on others to go somewhere with you. People may not always have the money to get away with you when you’d like, or maybe they have other commitments that are in the way.

Luckily, there are some options out there if you’re wanting to travel with others without relying on your friends and family.

Here are 7 great alternative options to solo travelling!

group trip - alternative to solo travelling

1. Book onto a group trip

There’s a huge range of companies out there who you can book group tours with, from two-week budget trips around Europe to two months in Thailand.

I booked onto a group interrailing trip in 2019 with Euroventure (the Central Europe tour) and had the best experience. I didn’t have to worry about how to get from place to place or about feeling unsafe on my own because we had a tour leader to guide us. We could decide whether to do things as a group or split off into smaller groups and do what we wanted.

Different companies offer different group sizes, age ranges and more, so you may want to consider these factors when deciding on which company to book with.

Even though you won’t be travelling on your own, you’ll still be getting out of your comfort zone, seeing new places and meeting new people, so this is a great alternative option to solo travelling.

2. Go volunteering (where you’ll be with others)

With volunteering, not only can you travel with others but it gives you the opportunity to do something valuable such as contribute to those less fortunate.

Some examples of volunteering include helping out at animal sanctuaries, teaching children and sports coaching.

Often with these trips, your accommodation and food costs will be included in the price so you won’t have too many expenses to worry about while you’re away.

Some benefits of volunteering are that it can expand your cultural awareness, develop your social skills, and provide you with a sense of fulfilment.

These experiences can also look great on your CV and you can make them relevant to jobs you might want to apply for, so that’s a bonus!

Have a browse at some volunteering opportunities here.

3. Ask people in groups you’re a part of

Are you a member of any groups, for example – are you a member of a sports team or do you go to classes for anything as a hobby, such as yoga? Maybe you could suggest a group trip that relates to what you do!

If you can do a bit of research first to find ideas of a location and then find some budget flights and accommodation, pitch it to the group and see what they think. You never know who might be up for it!

Get people to confirm for definite whether or not they’re coming by a certain date to prevent the plan from falling through.

You could nominate someone else in the group to help you ‘project manage’ and get everything planned and booked for everyone.

work or study abroad - alternative to solo travelling

4. Work or study abroad

If you’re at university, it might be an option for you to do a year or semester abroad. This is a great way of being able to explore somewhere new while being with others.

Studying abroad has additional perks to being able to travel, too. It increases your cultural awareness, independence, and takes you out of your comfort zone. Additionally, it’ll make your CV stand out against the crowd in showing that you’re a well-rounded person.

If you aren’t currently studying or thinking about doing so, you might consider working abroad instead. This could be just for a season, for a year, or indefinitely!

Different job opportunities abroad work differently – for some you’ll get paid, and for others, you may not necessarily get paid but will have your accommodation and/or food expenses covered.

Some examples of jobs include teaching English abroad, working in bars/hostels, or becoming an Au Pair.

Kick-start your search for the right opportunity here.

5. Reach out

Maybe you’re in a position where none of your closest friends are able to come travelling with you but there’s someone else you haven’t thought of? You never know who’ll be up for a trip! Travelling has a great way of connecting people.

It could be somebody you don’t know so well yet (such as someone you work with), but you’re confident that you’d make a good team travelling together. A lot of travellers find each other through Instagram as well.

Yoga/wellness retreat - alternative to solo travelling

6. Go on a group wellness/yoga retreat

Are you in need of a recharge? A wellness retreat is a great way to take some time for yourself while also being with others.

There are group retreats running all over the world, from Italy to Costa Rica. You can choose from hiking trips to more relaxed, meditation-focussed retreats.

Not only will you get the chance to see somewhere new, but you’ll also meet new people and probably learn some new skills too.

Check out some of the wellness experiences available at notintheguidebooks – a company that offers authentic, sustainable experiences around the world. On top of wellness and yoga experiences, they also offer cooking trips, surfing getaways and much more.

7. Find travel buddies online

There’s a range of apps, Facebook groups and websites where you can arrange or book onto trips with people.

Some ‘travel buddy’ apps include, well, Travel Buddy, Meetup and Backpackr. These are all available for free.

To connect with other travel lovers on Facebook groups, type in a term like ‘backpackers’ or ‘travel buddies’ in the search bar and see what comes up. Join as many groups as you like and then see which one seems most suitable for what you’re looking for.

Of course, be wary of any sites or groups that look like they could be scams.

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