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Top Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

13 December, 2021

With the festive season upon us, it’s time to talk gift ideas. If you’re shopping for a travel lover then you’re in the right place. Or, maybe you want some ideas of what to ask other people to get for you? That’s perfectly fine too! Whatever the purpose that led you here, keep reading for my top travel-related gift ideas.

Travel accessories

  • Passport holder or travel pouch (for other important travel-related documents).
  • Packing cubes – these can be really useful for when you have a lot of luggage and want to keep everything organised and easier to find!
  • Travel jewellery box.
  • A Travel Pac. I absolutely love mine!
  • Travel flask.
  • A suitcase/backpack. If you’re wanting to spend a little more on this person then how about a new suitcase or backpack? Check whether they’re in need of one first though otherwise it might be a waste.

For cute travel accessories, I’d recommend browsing on Etsy, Sasse and Belle, House of Disaster and Ethical Market.

For practical travel equipment, my go-to stop is Mountain Warehouse.


You could get some jewellery for whoever you’re buying for that has something to do with travel on it. For example, a necklace related to their favourite destination in some way. Here are some more suggestions:

  • Pura Vida – beach-themed handmade jewellery.
  • Honu – sea-life inspired jewellry – not exactly related to travel but has that feel to it!
  • Esty – you’ll find lots on there such as globe bracelets and necklaces.


  • A scratch map or similar. Here’s the one that I have.
  • Art to do with a destination they love.
  • A photo frame for them to put a travel photo in.

Gift cards

If you’re not sure of any specific items the gift receiver would like, a voucher for something travel-related might be a good option! Here are some ideas of where you could get a voucher for:

  • Inter-rail.
  • AirBnb.
  • Not In The Guidebooks.
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